N9VE Wins National eAwards Final

N9VE is the startup that won the national final of the 20th edition of the eAwards, an initiative that aims to distinguish and reward technology-based projects that generate a positive transformation and contribute to a more sustainable society. The victory ensured the startup from Porto, direct access to a €10,000 prize, in cash and non-repayable, and presence in the international final of the competition, which will take place in Madrid, between the 22nd and 24th of November 2021, in which a prize of €60,000 will be awarded to the winner.

The N9VE – Nature, Ocean and Value project is a candidate for the Environment category. Together with the University of Aveiro, a sustainable, scalable, and efficient process is being developed to recover Rare Earths from e-waste. The technology is based on the use of macroalgae to concentrate these elements in their tissues. It is an ecological and more efficient alternative to the current mining process. N9VE will respond to a rapidly growing market by providing rare piles of earth through the use of green technologies.

The startup, led by José Pinheiro-Torres, intends to operate on an industrial scale, boosting the development of low-carbon technologies. According to the official, “Algae are highly efficient in capturing CO2, managing to mitigate almost twice its weight. At the same time, the technology used is based on minimizing toxic effluents, which translates into significant gains for the environment. With this solution, it is possible to respond to the needs of the entire supply chain and revolutionize a fast-growing market, progressing towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

The award awarded to N9VE will allow it to consolidate the business plan and strengthen the prototype that will be presented in the international final, which will take place within the scope of NTT DATA talent week. In the international competition, 11 projects are expected to represent more than 11 countries.

Portugal once again demonstrated its technological talent, with innovative solutions of enormous quality to be presented in the most varied areas, from renewable energies to health and education.

According to Susana Bandarrinha, from the NTT DATA Portugal Foundation, “We are very pleased to have held another edition of the eAwards. An initiative that celebrates 20 years of entrepreneurship and with an increasingly strong component in the area of ​​sustainability, which reflects our awareness and commitment to a greener planet and a more cohesive society, from a social and economic point of view. It is always with great enthusiasm that we receive, analyze and evaluate the ideas of entrepreneurs who apply for this initiative, and, once again, we were surprised by the quality, audacity, and innovation of the projects presented. We are convinced that N9VE will represent the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem very well in the international final of the eAwards.

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