“In Doubt, Don’t Undertake!”, Book by Fábio Rodrigues points out myths that lead to the failure of entrepreneurs

Anyone can undertake, but undertaking is not for anyone!” Fábio Rodrigues’ book reveals the main mistakes made when undertaking, which can lead to the failure of a new business.

Getting rich, owning your own time, avoiding redundancies, not having to deal with inconvenient bosses and running your own business. These are some of the reasons that lead many Portuguese to undertake. In his book, the successful entrepreneur Fábio Rodrigues questions the established truths and reveals the basic care to be taken before undertaking. Published by ActiveUp/Splash Books, the book is on sale in the main bookstores in the country (Fnac, Bertrand, Wook, Almedina, Amazon, Splashbooks).

This is the personal account of Fábio Rodrigues, who started his career in the areas of marketing and sales, going through several multinationals such as Microsoft and Nokia, and became a successful entrepreneur to found four companies. In “In Doubt, Don’t Undertake!” the author speaks to us of the difficulties felt, and in an intimate tone, he confesses the whole truth, even though it is difficult to hear. Not only does it present the wrong motivations for starting a business of its own, but it also draws attention to important points that must be observed in the idealization of a project, and which are often overlooked by entrepreneurs.

“Are you prepared to invest your own money?”, “What makes you start up?”, “Do you know how to deal with anxiety and loneliness?”, “Can you manage your time and money alone?”, “Do you need to even from partners?”: Fábio Rodrigues offers, throughout his book, answers to these and many more important questions of interest to your business.

Although the pandemic increases uncertainties and risks, it also brings new opportunities for entrepreneurship. It may seem like a contradiction, but it is not. And entrepreneurs become even more important in the process of recovering savings. In order to make your business succeed, one needs to prepare to undertake. It is necessary to dedicate yourself: take practical courses on the area in which you will work, set up a business plan, immediately use a cash flow spreadsheet and dive into what you are looking to undertake ”, comments Fábio Rodrigues.

Even in the face of a scenario with countless possibilities and an infinite number of obstacles, the author insists on reinforcing that his book is not intended to demotivate entrepreneurship. “The idea is not to discourage those who want to undertake, but rather to dispel myths related to entrepreneurship and remove illusions from those who do not have a very clear idea about the risks“, he adds.

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