Nadine Khouri confirmed at Misty Fest 2023

Nadine Khouri, an Anglo-Lebanese artist whose work has been highly praised by the international press, is preparing to present her latest album, Another Life, at Misty Fest.

Anglo-Lebanese artist Nadine Khouri met John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels, Sparklehorse…) about 10 years ago when the British producer challenged her to sing on “Baby’s Coming” (track from “Screenplay”, by 2013) before recording and producing their first album “The Salted Air”* (2017), work which, however, gained a fair cult following.

The recording of their second full-length, “Another Life”, also produced by John Parish), took place during the Covid-19 pandemic and was naturally marked by the emotional outbursts caused by the two powerful explosions in the port of Beirut in early August 2020. “The pandemic hit precisely when rehearsals were about to start when we wanted a quick recording of these new songs. Suddenly, the world froze, nothing could go on as planned”, recalls Nadine.

Inside the album cover, a photograph taken by Steve Gullick reveals, behind Nadine Khouri, the expanse of a sun-bleached Mediterranean city, Marseille, where the artist currently resides. A city of thousands of lives, thousands of memories, and thousands of histories, a theater where Nadine’s path resounds, the joy, sadness, regret, exile, challenge, or desire marks that feed her music. “Songs often come to me like images from movies that I’m trying to externalize,” she explains. “Imprisoned between four walls, this period of isolation led me to look into my past, to remember close people who disappeared, past moments that are now far from me. I wrote so as not to forget, not to let them disappear”.

With the restrictions lifted, Nadine Khouri and John Parish found themselves in the studio to finally record the album as originally planned, with the help of several top musicians. From this period of uncertainty emerge compositions of captivating beauty. John Parish’s production lends a majestic breath to these impressionist songs and Nadine Khouri’s voice. Live, this singular presence and distinct artistic quality become even more evident, as has been highlighted in praiseworthy reviews from reference publications such as Mojo or Uncut.

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