“Não dá mais” by Mariana sets the tone for liberation

In what is a new phase of the artist’s career, the artist launches a theme “loaded with feelings of anxiety and frustrations resulting from personal experiences” which also speaks of the power of freedom she feels when finally putting an “end” to a situation that we feel that it is not good for us.

The artist’s themes portray a lot of her personal and professional life and this time was no exception, proof of this is the fact that this is the first theme written in Portuguese by the artist, designed specifically for a person who did not know English. The entire theme was written one night, in a moment of reflection and in an attempt to escape the silence and the chains she had on herself.

The production of the theme itself was also well thought out, the artist preferred to give it a simplistic and raw touch, giving the same vulnerability to the theme that the artist herself felt when she wrote it.

MARIANA’s music scene grew on social media and digital platforms, especially during the pandemic. Initially, when faced with the cancellation of concerts due to the global situation, she found Twitch a new way to connect with fans. “I started doing live streaming more professionally and seriously: that was when the exponential growth began. I got a lot of support from the community, I started gaining numbers and fans, and I realized I was on the right path!”

Regarding the decision to share her original songs, Mariana admits she felt scared, but believes in the importance of expressing herself through music. “We, as artists and creatives, when we make our art, we are exposing our truth, our feelings, for everyone to see. And that is terrifying but, at the same time, very liberating.”

“Não dá mais” by MARIANA is now available on all streaming platforms.

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