NAPA present new videoclip “Gigantes” and announce concert in Porto

“Gigantes”, third single and music video from the new album Logo Se Vê by NAPA, is a ballad served in two parts.

The duality runs through the spine of the song in the axis giants/ants, happy/sad, strong/weak. A love song about the pain of distance that haunts two lovers destined for each other.

Saudade dwells in all divisions of this world in this, which is the first collaborative track on the album. Beatriz Pessoa’s voice intersperses with Guilherme’s in the form of a conversation, bringing a very peculiar dynamic to the song.

The video animated by Teresa Arega illustrates the story with great sensitivity, highlighting the idea of duality that pulsates throughout the song. Frame by frame, Teresa Arega deposits her raw emotion in a style of her own, giving new life and a visual habitat where music can live.


Logo Se Vê is NAPA’s second original album. After the raw and genuine aesthetic of the debut album, still under the old name Men On The Couch, NAPA decided to head towards the discovery of new sounds and ways of composing. On this new album, the band takes pop rock to the limit, bringing an innovative take on traditional 3/4 minute music.

The new album consists of 11 tracks all sung in Portuguese and was re-recorded at BlackSheep Studios. The relationship established between the band and the studio in the recordings of the first album was decisive for the development of this new project. No more introductions and formalities, it was time for friendship and mutual respect to enhance the songs to their fullest.

In exploring new sounds, the natural need to collaborate with other artists arose. The album features a string quartet, a wind trio, a choir and a rich percussion section that appear occasionally throughout the album, in a very pertinent tune with the band’s original elements. The album also features the participation of two emerging artists, Beatriz Pessoa and Silly, on two different tracks. Beatriz’s delicate voice and Silly’s incisive poetry brought fresh air to the songs and raised them to a level where it would be impossible to reach with just the band.

Like the previous album, all songs have a very strong autobiographical nature, where the author seeks a balance between his rational and emotional sides. The lyrics of the songs mostly address a point of conflict and decision both at a personal and professional level, typical of the age at which we realize that youth is not a lifetime guarantee.

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