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Sidra Coop Bio was born, the first organic cider in Madeira

The Cooperativa de Produção e Consumo Liberdade created the first organic cider in the Autonomous Region of Madeira

Jardim da Serra, Câmara de Lobos, Madeira, March 2023. The first organic cider in Madeira was recently launched at Quinta Leonor – SIDRA COOP BIO, with the presence of the President of the Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Dr. Miguel Albuquerque, and other government entities.

CAL Cooperativa de Produção e Consumo Liberdade decided, in the year 2021, to acquire organic apples and pears from the locality, in order to produce the first organic cider on Madeira Island.

Directly from apple juice, from different varieties, many very old and little known. Around 1,100 bottles of 75cl were produced at Sidraria do Santo da Serra, which belongs to the network of Cider Stores of the Regional Government of Madeira.

Another batch of non-organic “a sister” was also produced and bottled, but also registered in the natural ciders of Madeira IG.

Pero Domingos stands out among the many varieties of apples used to make this cider, which is the most relevant in the area. It is a wine with a well-balanced flavor between the sweetness and acidity that characterize Madeira fruit, thus resulting in a balanced cider, with a citrus yellow color, medium to intense aroma, some astringency, mild bitterness, and sweetness, and medium acidity.

Manuel Gonçalves, also known as Manuel Neto, Chairman of the Board of CAL states: “This is an achievement of Jardim da Serra and its organic producers, but I would like to highlight the work of the Regional Board of Agriculture, specifically of Engª Regina Pereira who maintains this very tangible secular knowledge. It is also an achievement for all cider producers, who in a joint effort do not let a tradition of cider production and consumption on our wonderful island of Madeira die.”

It should be added that Sidra Coop Bio was distinguished in 2022 with the Best of the Best award in the Silver category at the European Competition for Natural Ciders I Madeira ’22, in addition to winning the “Planet Earth” trophy in the same competition. This trophy is the result of recognition given by the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development for the importance of supporting and disseminating Good Agricultural Practices. It is an award for the resilience and dynamism of cider producers, proven to be obtained organically or in an integrated production system.

Sidra da Madeira IG has very specific characteristics of acidity and dryness resulting from 100% fruit from the region, with special emphasis on the many varieties of apples that have existed since the time of the first inhabitants of the Island. Without any added sugars or dyes, it was, in 2020, considered a Geographical Indication by the European Community. It is a 100% local product and fermented with indigenous yeasts.

About Sidra da Madeira IG
MADEIRA CIDER IG is the drink obtained by fermenting the natural juice obtained from the pressing of fresh apple tree fruits (Malus domestica Borkh) and, sometimes, also mixtures of apple and pear fruits (Pyrus communis L.), of the varieties traditional and other varieties of these species, exclusively produced on the island of Madeira, which is prepared following the traditional or particular production methods of the island.

MADEIRA CIDER is a natural cider obtained exclusively by fermenting the juice from cutting, crushing, crushing and pressing apples/pears and, sometimes, also locally produced pears, so its sugar and carbon dioxide is sole of endogenous origin, and may also be presented as carbonated natural cider, with effervescence resulting, in whole or in part, from the addition of carbon dioxide.

In general terms, SIDRA DA MADEIRA presents:
− A minimum alcohol content of 5% (by volume at 20°C);
− A fermentable sugar content of less than 15g/l;
− A total acidity (in malic acid) of at least 3g/l, possibly reaching 10 g/l;
− A maximum volatile acidity (expressed as acetic acid) of 1.8 g/l,
− A maximum content of total sulfur dioxide (expressed in SO2.) of 200 mg/l.

Depending on the combinations of species and fruit varieties from which it originates, MADEIRA CIDER can have a color that ranges from bright citrus to straw yellow, with orange nuances, being clear when filtered or with traces of particles in suspension, if unfiltered.

ABOUT CAL Cooperativa de Produção e Consumo Liberdade
It is an institution that was created, among others, by Fr. Mário Tavares Figueira, in 1975. It is headquartered in the central area of the parish; it has a commercial space (supermarket/grocery store), which promotes the postal service to the population and grants social support. It also has an agricultural area of about 5,000m2, cultivated with the sercial vine variety. This culture is made in organic production mode. The grapes are sold to the company Justinos, for the production of Organic Madeira Wine.

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