Nástio Mosquito presents “0”

Nástio Mosquito is an artist who has been developing multimedia work through performances, videos, music and poetry that demonstrates an intense commitment to the open potential of language.

At the risk of being mistakenly interpreted as a kind of world-weariness, his art is simply the expression of an urgent desire to engage with reality at its most diverse levels.

“0” is the third and most recent step in Nástio Mosquito’s quest to build tools for human self-recognition, which can be defined as an authentic journey towards the joy of reinvention. “0” thus closes the “Empowerment of a Generation” trilogy, begun in 2014 with “Se Eu Fosse Angolano”, which the second part, “Gatuno Eimigrante e Pai de Família”, continued in 2016.

The target of this project by Nástio Mosquito are all citizens who are part of “modern societies” on planet Earth, especially those who live in communities that seek to reinvent themselves after decades of internal individual conflict or collective civil blindness. It proposes a gesture, an act of consideration for human dignity. This proposal leads to a listening experience – Listening Session – rooted in the commitment and ambition of a more beautiful present. A gift, assumed in the direction of clarity in favor of our decisions; individual and collective.

The advance to “0” starts with the first single “Ato VI”, with a digital edition scheduled for the next 8th of July; followed by a new Act every 8th of the following months, until the edition of the album “0”. Start counting.

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