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“Natália Is When A Woman Wants” brings a luxury poster to Casino Estoril

As part of Natália Correia's 100th birthday

The Black and Silver Room at Casino Estoril will host, on September 15th, at 6:30 pm, the show “Natália Is When A Woman Wants” (“Natália É Quando Uma Mulher Quiser”).

In the year that marks the 100th anniversary of Natália Correia’s birth, composer Renato Júnior set some of the writer’s most emblematic poems to music and invited some of the best national voices to interpret them.

Ana Bacalhau, Áurea, Amélia Muge, Elisa Rodrigues, Katia Guerreiro, Mafalda Veiga, Patrícia Antunes, Patrícia Silveira, Maria João, Rita Redshoes, Sofia Escobar and Viviane are the names that will take the stage at the Salão Preto e Prata.

It is a concert entirely based on the poetry of Natália Correia, unique in its aesthetics, and where the Woman takes centre stage. Because “Natália is When a Woman Wants”!

Natália de Oliveira Correia was born on the island of São Miguel, on September 13, 1923, and died, in Lisbon, on March 16, 1993. Defender of freedom and culture, she developed an intense activity as a writer, poet and essayist. She also made a mark in the world of politics, fought against fascism and, later, was a deputy. She became famous, not only for her literary activity but also for her lively and passionate speeches given in Parliament. Soon, those around her realized that they were facing a woman with a strong personality, well aware of the objectives to be achieved and the targets to be cut. Due to this strong personality, wherever she was she was the center of attention.

The show “Natália is When a Woman Wants”! pays tribute to an unavoidable figure who marked Portuguese society in the second half of the 20th century.

The Black and Silver Room at Casino Estoril will host, on September 15th, at 6:30 pm, the show “Natália É Quando Uma Mulher Quiser”. M/6. Prices: From €25 to €37.5.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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