National Championship of the race against the clock starts today with 13 cyclists

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Only 13 cyclists compete, this Friday, in the National Championship of the race against the clock in the elite category, in a route of 30.5 kilometers in Vila Velha de Ródão, mostly flat.

João Almeida (DQT) and Nelson Oliveira (MOV), who in just over a month will be at the Olympic Games in Tokyo2020, and Rafael Reis (EFP), are the strongest candidates for the podium, with José Fernandes (W52), José Gonçalves (DKO), Ricardo Vilela (W52) and António Carvalho (EFP) trying, in a second line, to counter them.

But what would be, at the outset, an excellent opportunity to see live and applaud the Portuguese cyclists who, at the moment, have the most cards in the main cycling events in the world, will inevitably be conditioned by the pandemic situation in the country, which imposes a strong set of measures to be taken by teams, runners and, above all, spectators, who are advised to follow the race via social networks.

In addition to the indispensable and mandatory use of a mask by all participants (cyclists can only remove it during the warm-up and the race), the delimited areas for departures and arrivals will be closed to the public and the media can only contact participants in the team area , press conferences and mixed zone, greetings of all kinds should be avoided.

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