National Investment Program 2030 valued at 21,950 million

The National Investment Program 2030 (PNI) plans to invest 21,950 million euros in projects in the areas of transport, energy and the environment, according to a document that will be delivered today in parliament.

This document, details that 72 programs and projects (the main ones can be consulted here), with the area of transport and mobility being the one receiving the largest share, with 12,678 million euros, for a total of 44 projects, representing 58% of the investment.

This is followed by energy, with 4,930 million euros, which should be allocated to eight projects, accounting for 23% of the funding. The environment will receive 3,570 million euros for 18 projects, 16% of the total.

For other investments, namely in irrigation, 750 million euros will be made available, 3% of the total amount and in studies and multisector projects will be spent 22 million euros.

As regards the sources of funding, according to the same document, Public Administrations will carry the greatest weight, of € 12,916 million (59%), distributed by European funds, reduction of charges with Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) ) and general revenue of the State.

The private sector will be responsible for 7,568 million euros (35% of the total) and the state’s business sector 1,466 million euros (6%).

The Government also states that the State Budget leaves 4.0 billion euros and that the reduction of charges with PPP (1.5 billion euros) will integrate the budget of IP (Infrastructures of Portugal). Total European funds amount to EUR 5,750 million (26% of the total).

The railroad will have an investment of 4,040 million euros and includes the program of capacity building and speed increase in the Porto-Lisbon axis (1,500 million euros), in the Cacia / Gaia, Soure / Coimbra, Santarém / Entroncamento sections, Alverca / Azambuja (163 kilometers), for a reduction of the journey time to two hours. The Northern Line will thus be quadrupled.

As a result, the increase in passenger demand is expected to be 30% and goods 40%, with a reduction of 100,000 trucks per year.

Mobility and public transport will have an allocated value of 3,390 million euros, mainly in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto, including metros and measures of decarbonization.

The highway will have an investment of 1,625 million euros, highlighting several programs of road safety and construction of enlargements and increases in capacity.

The road-rail projects account for 405 million euros.

The airport sector will be targeted at 707 million euros, of which 507 million euros at Lisbon airport (2nd phase, the 1st will be carried out until 2022).

The port maritime sector has allocated 2,488 million euros.

After being delivered to the parliament, the program, with the changes that are made, will be sent to the Superior Council of Public Works.

The PNI covers national level infrastructures located in mainland Portugal, with projects or programs with investments exceeding 75 million euros and has a time horizon of 10 years.

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