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National Museum of Natural History and Science – Interactive visit

Are you at home and need something to do?
Experience an interactive visit to the National Museum of Natural History and Science.

About the Museum can be read on the website
The mission of MUHNAC / Museums of the University of Lisbon is to promote curiosity and public understanding of nature and science, bringing the University closer to society. This mission is achieved through the enhancement of its collections and university heritage, research, holding exhibitions, conferences and other actions of a scientific, educational, cultural and leisure nature.

The Museums are a Specialized Unit of the University of Lisbon, constituted by MUHNAC – National Museum of Natural History and Science (at Rua da Escola Politécnica) in the Príncipe Real area, integrating the Lisbon Botanical Garden (in the same place) and the Observatory Astronomical Lisbon (at Tapada da Ajuda, next to the Instituto Superior de Agronomia).

The Museum supports research and teaching in the areas of zoology and anthropology, botany, mineralogy and geology, and other natural sciences and encourages the study and dissemination of the history of sciences and techniques, contributing to scientific and cultural training of students in these fields.

The Museum also assumes a responsibility, extended to the national context, in the conservation and study of biological and geological collections and the historical-scientific cultural heritage, establishing partnerships for the valorisation and use of the museological collections and the heritage of the University of Lisbon and other institutions.

interactive visit
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