National Orienteering Championship started in Figueira da Foz

The modality was counted on the first three tests and was a real success.

The National Orienteering Championship has already started with three competitions. This weekend, Figueira da Foz hosted the tests of Precision, Figueira City Race and Ori Trail Rogaine of the Mondego.

With 18 points in 86.5 seconds, Ricardo Pinto was the winner of the Precision test in the Paralympic class, where the athletes were faced with an uneven course and several decision points (place where the correct option according to the Edgar Domingues won the first place in the open class with 20 points in 79 seconds.

At the Figueira City Race, a test that took place in an urban environment, Spaniard Maikel Rodríguez beat all the competition, with a time of 44:30 minutes. Already in the feminine, Susana Almeida was the winner, when completing the course in 1:02:28 hours. This event was attended by more than 200 athletes, from three different countries (Portugal, Brazil and Spain), 30 clubs.

Finally, in the Ori Rogaine Mondego Trail, where athletes receive a map and / or military card and have 15 minutes to outline a strategy they want to pass, the highest place of the podium was the pair Mario Marinheiro and Paulo Palhinha, which totaled 113 points in 3:52:02 hours. Alexandra Branco and Mafalda, with 74 points, at 3:54:15, won in the women’s. The next race will take place in one month, in Castelo Branco.

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