Nectar Interactive launches GAMIFY YOUR BUSINESS

Improve internal efficiency and market influence with Gamification and Advergames solutions

Nectar interactive launched the Gamify Your Business program with which it will help in the economic reactivation of companies, improving their internal efficiency and projection in the market. The social confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic caused serious changes internally in organizations and in consumer behaviour.

The Bee Engineering brand, which enhances business contexts through the use of video game techniques such as Gamification and Advergames, is betting on relaunching the Portuguese business fabric by offering interactive solutions, “out of the box” and very good cost-benefit ratio.

With the Gamify Your Business initiative, Nectar Interactive is available to assess the needs of companies and propose solutions for their success in the challenging economic context in which we live. The process begins with a meeting, scheduled via site, which will be attended by professionals from this unit of Bee Engineering.

Companies that have already realized the potential of applying the knowledge of video games in their businesses have opted for two aspects: Gamification and Advergames. Gamification applications turn the business into a game.

Its real objectives are integrated into a gamified application in which many elements of the world of video games are present: narrative; characters; gameplay; goals; leaderboard; among others. Advergames are mini-video games with visuals totally adapted to the universe of a brand. They are intuitive, create great involvement with participants and can be the key piece of a digital campaign.

According to André Santos, Product Manager at Nectar Interactive, “At a time when the time of using mobile applications increases significantly, and when entertainment is gaining prominence, companies now have the opportunity to stand out in the market with innovative approaches, which will make them a benchmark in terms of performance and relationship with their audience.

Bee Engineering is committed to helping the Portuguese business community to overcome the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. In March, it launched the Tech Guidance program, with which it is providing specialized support to companies in order to more quickly adapt to remote work and digitalization of services. He accepted the challenge of CCIP and joined the program “Retoma Portugal”. Nectar Interactive’s Gamify Your Business initiative, designed for the economic recovery times, now appears.

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