Need to renew energies? Algarve receives Yoga and Vegan retreat

Not only yoga sessions will occupy you these days, but also other forms of approach to nature.

A bus that has been converted into a hostel andante, or better, two buses. This is how Conglobo was born. This transformation of rooms had as purpose to travel the beaches of Portugal, so a retreat of three nights and four days by the Algarve coast makes sense to end the summer with Conglobo.

The retreat takes place in Figueira, very close to the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, says the organization, which prepared this spiritual journey (and not only) to happen from October 18 to 22 (from Thursday to Monday).

During this period, which will be devoted entirely to the practice of yoga and vegan food, there will be times to learn recipes with chefs specializing in veganism, to enjoy ayurvedic massages, to try Reiki sessions or to explore the pedestrian walks of that area.

The price of € 280 per person includes the stay, meals for the four days, two yoga classes per day, cooking class, massage, meditation workshop, a reiki session, a bike ride and a picnic on the beach.

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