NEEV with an Odyssey in concert at Teatro Maria Matos

The musician and composer NEEV presented his debut album “Philosotry” at Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, in Lisbon

The musician and composer NEEV performed live last Tuesday, May 25, at Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisbon. This show is called “Uma Odisseia em Concerto” and has as its starting point its debut album “Philosotry”.

The concert started with “This Dream” followed by “World Of My Own” and “Lie You Love It“. “This concert is very special, for several reasons, and one of them is because there are people in this room who created me, people who have a very important role in the person I am today” said the artist before playing “Come On People“.

We also heard “Calling Out“, with a sublime entrance capable of making every person in the audience shiver, “It Is What It Is“, the love letter that took 3 years to be written “Anne Marie“, “Dancing in The Stars“, the song that he submit for the Festival RTP da Canção, having been the most voted by the public in the final, “Breathe”, the first song that NEEV edited in 2016 in partnership with the Norwegian SEEB, and that has more than 250 million streams, ” Mess Up With You “and” Staring Through“.

We reached the end of our trip. Thank you very, very, very much for coming, I could now make an emotional speech but I think it’s more beautiful when the music speaks for itself” said NEEV before playing his last song “Something Trivial“.

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