Neev and friends create solidarity initiative for music to reach everyone

How can we get the music to everyone in a simple and honest way?

This is the purpose of Encore, a group created by musicians, artists, producers, technicians, educators, and social workers, with the sole aim of donating musical instruments to those who do not have the financial capacity to purchase them.

Access to musical learning should be a basic right for all children, thus fostering the creation of a community, expressing talent, and generating unity among all.

But how is it possible to achieve all this? Encore believes in the preponderant role of artists to exert their influence in a positive way, contributing to a more active and constructive position in society. Music as a bridge to greater social awareness.

So Encore, together with the artists, has created 10 special concerts in secret locations that will be announced weekly.

1st Encore

The first opening event for just 80 people, at Bar Lorosae in Caparica, will take place on March 10th at 7 pm and costs €14. It features an opening performance by Tyoz followed by a unique and intimate concert by Virgul. The concerts will be recorded and shared soon on RTP’s Palco platform. To end in a festive atmosphere, the closure of this first event is in charge of the DJ set by Diego Miranda, Melo Tonic, and Massive Drum.

Encore Concerts | dates to be announced: Blaya, Calema, Diogo Machado, Filho da Mãe, Gui Aly, Inês Só, Marta Carvalho, Toxikull and Would You Kindly.

Encore | Boiler Room

Other types of events were also created, Boiler Room, dedicated to electronic music. These have a unique location and take place on Tuesday nights at the LX Factory and will be broadcast live via the “Encore” Instagram account, the first being on March 14th.

The 6€ of this entry and online donations are also donated 100% to children indicated through Encore’s partners.

Mastiksoul, Karetus, No Maka, Dj Zanova, Rafman, Tiago Cruz, Lowzada, and others are to be announced soon.

All revenue generated at the events will revert to the purchase of musical instruments, which will then be distributed to the various entities supported by Encore. The commitment of Encora and its partners CASA, Movimento Transformers among others is to be able to change everyone’s lives.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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