Nelson Antunes new EP now available

Nelson Antunes returns to ORIGENS thirteen years after his professional debut in the music field. After participating in the program “Família Superstar”, he was the protagonist of the youth novel “Rebelde Way”, playing the character “Manuel Guerreiro” and was part of the band “RBL”, composed of the other protagonists.

Through this trip to ORIGINS Nelson Antunes shows us that he is also a composer.

Through this EP, in retrospect, he proposes to capture the essence of “where it all started” in his own words.

ORIGENS is Nelson Antunes’ first solo work with assumed influences in the RNB/Soul/Funk genres.

This EP is an appetizer in relation to the themes that follow this first work. It promises to address social issues with a critical, constructive character, unexpected duets, to value writing considering that music should have meaning and therefore be a catalyst for feelings, ways of being and being, always with GNI at heart.

«Garota» is the presentation single.

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