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Nelson Freitas presents “Dpos d’Quarantena” the house full of fans


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The Cape Verdean musician took the stage to present his latest work and was received in apotheosis on Capitol Hill, it was a night that many fans will not forget.

Nelson Freitas embraces the diversity of Cape Verdean music styles, but we can find the musical “taste” of Nigeria, Ghana or South Africa.

The album already features the gold single “Dpos d’Quarantena” with over 9 million views on YouTube and very special guest appearances by Mr Eazi, Dino D’Santiago, Rony Fuego, Julinho KSD, June Freedom, Mikas Cabral and Neyna the last two present on Capitólio.

Nelson Freitas > Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.10.22

Nelson Freitas entered the stage singing “Manhã Cedo”, the Capitólio no longer has chairs, so it was from the first chord that everyone present started to sing and dance, the songs of “Dpos d’Quarantena”, everyone knew the lyrics and were eager to sing it with Nelson.

The singer was carefully guiding the audience through the songs, increasing in intensity and decreasing, taking them on this musical journey, “Chocolate”, sweeter, “Plena”, to the sound of Doda Spencer’s guitar, while the screams and the clapping of the fans were following the rhythm.

Nelson Freitas > Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.10.22

Also for Nelson Freitas, the concert was liberating, after two years in which we all had to stop, you could see the joy of the singer, the band on stage, meeting the audience with the fans.

Of course, the concert not only had the songs from the last album, but its most emblematic themes also delighted fans such as “Bo tem Mel” and “Something Good” from the “Elevate” album.

Mikas Cabral, Tabanka Djazz band, went on stage at the Capitólio to sing with Nelson Pôlime” and then Neyma took the stage to sing “Na Bo Mon”, the concert ended with “Kutelo”.

Nelson Freitas > Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.10.22

Of course, the fans didn’t let him go and didn’t stop clapping and screaming until he got back on stage, treating the audience with two more songs “Dpos d’Quarantena” and “Bolo Ku Pudim“, saying goodbye to the audience, on a night that was fantastic.

Manhã Cedo
Every Day All Day
Nha Baby
King of The World
Bo tem Mel
Nubian Queen
Something Good
Break of Down
Polime com Mikas Cabral
Saia Branca
Sem saída
Na Bo Mon com Neyma
Tellin Me Something
Miúda Linda
Dpos d’Quarentena
Bolo Ku Pudim

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