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Neotalent takes recruitment platform using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to Web Summit

Neotalent, a Novabase Group company specialized in finding the best talent for the business needs of companies, has just announced at the Web Summit the development of a new talent management and recruitment platform using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

The project results from a partnership with Iscte – Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL) and the Pedro Nunes Institute (IPN) and is co-financed by Portugal 2020. The platform is part of a comprehensive project by Neotalent that aims to digitize the talent market and the interaction between its various stakeholders, namely talents, talent suppliers, clients and talent managers.

Through a set of innovative features that use technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, the platform includes functions for selection, evaluation and recommendation of talent and career progression, and a system for collecting, registering and safeguarding curricular information.

Companies always want the best professionals and professionals want the best proposals and jobs. With the IT market constantly changing, companies under competitive pressure and specialized talent under constant harassment, how do all parties manage to comply with the The key is to understand the culture of companies. We often find that a certain professional is technically excellent, but does not suit a particular company. The key is a deep knowledge of the recruitment market, the culture of companies and a strong commitment to selection techniques. The technology behind this new platform will accelerate this process. “
–Célia Vieira, CEO of Neotalent

The selection, recruitment and management process currently used by most employers is fallible, having not changed over time, so it is not adapted to current market needs.”
–Célia Vieira, CEO of Neotalent

Managing business, people and customers for over 20 years, Neotalent has been adjusting its approach and offer to the evolution of trends, the market and the professionals themselves over the years.

With this new, disruptive and innovative platform, the company wants to continue creating the right conditions and environment to develop highly specialized professionals and ensure the best talent for organizations.

Technology is increasingly central and decisive for the success of the business of companies in any sector of activity and the demand for professionals with digital skills has escalated to levels never seen before. But the current supply of talent and the speed of placing on the market new talent doesn’t keep up with company demand, so it’s important for companies to develop more refined recruitment and selection tools that assess specific dimensions that predict organizational performance. We’ve been investing a lot in innovation, with a disruptive and innovative approach to capture and retain the best talents that suit the needs of more ambitious projects.This project will help companies match candidates based on various inputs – customer culture, technical requirements, project and consultant characteristics, among others. We want to transform the recruitment market in Portugal and the rest of the world.”
–Célia Vieira, CEO of Neotalent

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