Nestlé Portugal accelerates Innovation and Strategy with a reinforced team

The scope of the role that Andreia Vaz assumes in Consumer and Market Intelligence, Strategy & Innovation is focused on integrating the discovery of consumer insights and identifying new market opportunities and, consequently, generating innovation to satisfy consumers and growth of the business in an integrated and coherent manner with the company’s global strategy, in which collaboration with external partners that enhance the Nestlé perspective is a priority.

The recent pandemic crisis only reinforces the importance of consumer centrality in all of our activity and the importance of reacting quickly in order to anticipate trends and accelerate our business at the service of the consumer.

Therefore, consumer and shopper knowledge, strategy and innovation must be worked on in an integrated manner. This shows the relevance of converging these three areas of expertise in one area at Nestlé in Portugal ”, said Andreia Vaz.

In this new role, Andreia Vaz is already developing new projects in the area of ​​investigating consumer insight platforms of the future, creating programs of inspiration and curiosity to enable and encourage Nestlé Employees to identify new opportunities more quickly, as well as work in partnership with the Academy in the development of local R&D, in the area of ​​Nutrition, Health, and Well-being.

Under her leadership, the Nestlé open innovation program will continue to be developed, in partnership with NOVA SBE, to challenge the talent of national and international startups to co-create with Nestlé. The 2020 edition started in July and will continue until the end of the year.

With a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, in Lisbon, Andreia Vaz began her professional career 20 years ago, having developed a path, over time, increasingly specialized in Innovation Marketing and with a strong international experience, in Regional and Global teams, in the last 10 years, in which he was in London.

She had functions focused on Commercialization of Local Innovation, Development of New Products at Regional and Global level and Strategic Innovation of the Future in Global teams, having gone through several industries such as Media (Media Capital Radios), Telecommunications (Optimus), Food & Beverages (DIAGEO), and Location Based Entertainment (Merlin Entertainments UK). In all these companies, the common denominator was “socialization” based on a strong purpose.

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