Luso-Brazilian neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu is approved in the most restricted society in the world for people with high IQ

Fabiano de Abreu, who is also a member of Mensa and Intertel, is now part of the society that only approves IQs of 99.9.

The Luso-Brazilian neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu, who was once considered one of the smartest people in the world for his IQ of 155 with a standard deviation of 15 and 188 with a standard deviation of 24, has just been approved by the Triple Nine Society, the strictest society for high IQ people in the world.

The Triple Nine Society only accepts those who have an IQ percentile of 99.9, that is, above 146 points, standard deviation of 15. This society was founded in 1978 and only admits what would be the equivalent of 0.1% of people in the world, who would have tripled percentile. “The interesting thing about these societies is the interaction with incredible members and people, some of whom are changing the world”, says Fabiano de Abreu.

Fabiano de Abreu is used to working with issues related to intelligence, having recently been in the news for advising parents of high-IQ children who joined Mensa, such as Gustavo Saldanha, Romeu Gutvilen and Laura Büchele. “What I want with this is to find people I can interact with fully and honestly. I don’t want competitions, I don’t want comparisons, I want to have with me people with character, morals and qualifications so that we can try to improve the world, our society. I continue to advise people, to improve lives not only through counselling, but also free of charge with my studies on behaviour and the human mind”, says the Portuguese-Brazilian.

About Fabiano de Abreu

Fabiano de Abreu Agrela Rodrigues has a PhD in Neurosciences, Master in Psychoanalysis, Doctor and Master in Health Sciences in the areas of Psychology and Neurosciences with training also in Neuropsychology, Degree in Biology and History, Technologist in Anthropology, Postgraduate in Neurolinguistic Programming, Neuroplasticity, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience applied to Learning, Humanistic and Phenomenological Existential Psychology, MBA, self-realization, purpose and meaning, Philosophy, Journalism, Python Programming and professional training in Clinical Nutrition. He is currently director of the Heráclito Research and Analysis Center; Head of the Department of Science and Technology at Logos University International, director of MF Press Global, member of the Brazilian Society of Neurosciences and of the Society for Neuroscience, the largest neuroscience society in the world, in the United States. Member of Mensa International, Intertel and Triple Nine Society (TNS), associations and society of high IQ people, the latter TNS, the most restricted in the world; specialist in studies on human behaviour and intelligence with more than 100 published studies.

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