New book about Marcelo among the novelties of Porto Editora

The new novel by Inês Pedrosa, a book of chronicles by Mário de Carvalho and the title ‘Marcelo – President every day’, are some of the editorial novelties of the Porto Editora group, celebrating its 75th anniversary.

The group’s editorial news for the first half of 2019, consisting of more than 80 titles distributed by the editors Porto Editora, Assírio & Alvim, Sextante, Livros do Brasil, Ideias de Ler and Albatroz were presented today at the Árpád Szenes Foundation Museum -Vieira da Silva, in Lisbon.

The editor Manuel Alberto Valente announced the publication of a work on the Vatican, with seven other international publishers, about which he did not elaborate, but which involves Portuguese personalities and “will give a lot to speak”.

‘Marcelo – President every day’ by the journalist Leonete Botelho and the professor of the University of Minho Felisbela Lopes, will be published in February by Porto Editora, as well as ‘The Violet Process’, the new novel by Inês Pedrosa, marks the debut of the writer in this publishing house.

In the area of fiction, this month is edited the book of short stories ‘Behind the Door and Other Stories’, by Teolinda Gersão. Another Portuguese author among the releases of the beginning of the year is António Sousa Homem with the work ‘Twilight in Moledo’. From João Pedro Marques, ‘The American Student’ is published in March.

From Carlos Vale Ferraz, distinguished last year with the Fernando Namora Prize, Porto Editora publishes in April ‘What To Do With You, Pá?’ and, the following month, Julieta Monginho’s “The Third Mother” was reprinted.

From Richard Zimler, the novel ‘In Search of Sana’ is reissued in May, in which the writer himself becomes a character in his narrative.

The new novel by Alberto S. Santos, ‘The Lovers of Buenos Aires’, and a book by Chronicles by Mário de Carvalho, ‘What I heard in the barrel of apples’, are other highlights of Porto Editora, which will also publish a biography of Leonardo da Vinci, who died 500 years ago, by Walter Isaacson.

Other biographies are those of Josephine Bahkhita (1869-1947), a Sudanese woman who was canonized by Pope John Paul II, by Veronique Olmi, and also by Rodrigo Alvarez, ‘Jesus – The Most Beloved Man in History’, who will be published in March.

By Sextante, the most recent novel by the Australian Peter Carey, ‘Far from Home’ will be published, another highlight of this being the new book by Philippe Claudel, ‘The Archipelago of the Dog’, whose launch in Portugal will be attended by the author French.

The same publisher continues publishing the works of Brazilian Rubem Fonseca, distinguished in 2003 with the Camões Prize, with ‘Carne Crua’, in April.

For the Books of Brazil, two new authors will emerge in this seal: the British Graham Greene (1904-1991), with the essay ‘Santos e Pecadores’, and the Japanese Yukio Mishima (1925-1970), with the novel ‘Vida à Venda’.

In the area of non-fiction, Books of Brazil will publish in February ‘The Emperor’, by Ryszard Kapuscinski, a narrative of the military coup in Ethiopia in 1974 that overthrew the monarchical regime led by Haile Selassie. From the American John Steinbeck, this seal published in April ‘Correspondent of War’, reports that gave the print between June and December 1943 in the New York Herald Tribune, from different scenarios of World War II.

In the context of the centenary of the birth of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen will be published by Assyrian & Alvim ‘Classical Antiquity’, a book composed by the essay ‘The Nude in Classical Antiquity’, by the poet, and by an anthology of his poems.

Assírio & Alvim plans to publish seven titles of poetry, including ‘Antinous and Other Poems in English’ by Fernando Pessoa in April, and also titles by Gonçalo Fernandes, Filipa Leal, Mário Rui Oliveira, Maria Quintans, Juan Vicente Piqueras, and Kobayashi Issa.

Another highlight of this seal is the publication of the unfinished German Walter Benjamin (1892-1940), ‘The Passes of Paris’.

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