New car, yes or no?

I like cars, I’m one of those people who like to try new cars, to go fast, sometimes too fast, but I’m conscientious and I respect other drivers, although I get irritated when I meet drivers who are slow and indecisive, as you can see, I’m impulsive and I love to drive.

My taste for cars is not, however, a cheap addiction, I am lucky to have had several cars, Ford, Mercedes, Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, of all I liked some characteristics, others less, and I have tried many others, friends who ask for my opinion, from bosses, who like to know if I would like to buy one, usually beyond my means.

That’s why I’m always looking for new and used cars, I like to go to the auto dealers to see the new models and to know what features and innovations I can find in new models, or in iconic, classic cars that I would love to have in my garage.

Of course, a car is an expense, and often difficult to buy and maintain, so I have to curb my desires, unfortunately, I find myself without a car right now, due to an accident, not being my fault, and the other driver didn’t either because he skidded in oil on the road, we hare both without a car.

What to do now, how to calculate, with the money I will receive from the insurance, and some that I have saved, what car to buy, used, new, what price, what payment can I afford?

So many questions and not always the answers they give us in the banks or car dealerships are good or correspond to the reality that I can bear.

So I looked on the internet if there is a way to calculate these costs and to my amazement, I found a site that answers my questions and doubts

From loan amounts, such as the installment that I can support based on my income, a wonderful tool that meets what I need, surprise, with the help of my father who can lend me a little money, and the information from, I will be able to buy a much newer car than I thought, as I will borrow less from the bank and my monthly cost will be lower.

An electric vehicle will be my next car, let’s see if I like it, I’ve always had combustion cars, but at least it will be more environmentally friendly.

But there are many tools that you can find on this site such as Automobile Depreciation Calculator, Calculate Truck Payments, Marine Financing Calculator, Compare Dealer & Manufacturer Rebates, Hybrid Car & Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax Credits, among many other calculators and information, buying and selling well is always connected to being informed, visit this site and you will see that it will be an excellent source of information, for me it was.

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