New Circus Nights with Jocka Carvalho at Casino Lisboa

With multiple poles of interest, the new circus shows continue to arouse the interest of Casino Lisboa visitors. Jocka Carvalho will be in evidence next Friday and Saturday, the 15th and 16th, with a number in fabrics. Free admission not to be missed at the Arena Lounge.

Where are the limits of self? How far can I go through the imagination? These are the demands of the soul of Jocka, a young man who defines himself by searching for his place of expression and who has toured many artistic and sport airs, having been a highly competitive athlete, dancer, circus artist, choreographer. Intensely developing her talents in circus arts and dance, she has performed on major world stages. He is currently touring with Acts Circenses, a perfect fusion of circus, dance and acting! Jocka World is the Circus… let him be part of yours!

With free admission, Novo Circo exercises give Casino Lisboa visitors unique moments.
Jocka Carvalho: Fabrics
– November 15th: 1st set: 11:10 pm – 11:20 pm / 2nd set: 12:10 am – 12:20 am
– November 16th: 1st Sep: 11:10 pm – 11:20 pm / 2nd Set: 00h10 – 00h20

Access to Casino Lisboa is free, and from 10 pm, it is for over 14 years, and over 10 years accompanied by parents. In the areas of the game is for over 18 years.

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