New edition of the book “Uma viagem pela vida” by André Jordan

At a time when the world is struggling with one of the greatest crises in modern history, André Jordan publishes a second edition, revised and enlarged, of his memoir, where he dedicates a new chapter to the impacts and challenges that the pandemic has brought us. Arrives at bookstores on the 26th of November.

Unanimously considered one of the most influential personalities in tourism worldwide, André Jordan offers us in this book the unknown and fascinating side of eight decades of an intensely lived life, which goes through some of the most relevant episodes of our contemporaneity. In a fluid and almost novelistic narrative, he reveals plots and plots in which he found himself involved and makes an intimate portrait of characters he met: politicians, such as Salazar, Count Barcelona, ​​Tito Arias or Carlos Lacerda; great artists and movie stars, such as João Gilberto, Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev or Lana Turner; hugely talented writers like Luís Sttau Monteiro or Rafael Squirru. Tell us about your passion for music and the arts, and how that passion dragged you into a cultural activism that many are unaware of.

«When I set out to write a book about my journey through life, the objective was to record the testimony of almost a century, in which the world has shrunk and we all live with everyone. I got here crossing interesting situations and challenges, in an intense relationship with beings with whom I share the spaces where life takes me, facing the missions that arise and the obstacles that appear. It is a true account, however, incomplete. Hope you like it. And if you don’t like it, don’t say… »

We will find everything in the stories of this life story. It is worth knowing this other André Francisco Spitzman Jordan, the boy who fled Poland with his parents when the Second World War broke out, in time to escape the Nazi concentration camps, and which today we only identify with the renowned and praised construction entrepreneur.

From Poland to Portugal and then to Brazil, the Spitzman Jordan family wins a prominent place in Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s, a decade of glamor contrasting with the devastation of the war in Europe. Before joining his father in conducting the family business, young André Jordan still fulfills his dream of becoming a journalist, which provides him with contact with extraordinary characters from 20th-century culture and history, with samba schools and Bossa New in a backdrop. He lived in New York, Buenos Aires, Paris, and London, places where he made friends with a panoply of contrasting characters: aristocrats, political leaders from all ideological backgrounds, academics, and famous artists.

Portugal conquers him, in a phase of life when everything seemed to go wrong: the death of the father, the divorce, and the removal of the children, the professional impasse. From the later route, more public among us, as the creator of Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura XXI, or Belas Clube de Campo, reveals surprising episodes.

“Uma viagem pela vida”, by André Jordan, is the real-life novel of one of the most fascinating characters in contemporary Portugal, where great public figures and some illustrious strangers pass. It is the testimony of a remarkable man, a fantastic first-person storyteller, with the most difficult stages, not only the happiest, the enriching experiences but also the frustrating ones. All in a widely illustrated book that can be read like a real-life novel, with fairy tales, historical romance, power struggles, financial chronicles, and poetic prose.

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