New EP by Zé Manel now available on all platforms

Seventeen years ago a new national artist was born. The person, had already been born of a father and mother like all of us, but still without knowing what the future would hold for him. But, very early on, everything started to become evident: his name Zé Manel! His new album is called ‘Expectativa’ and is now available on all digital platforms.

If on the one hand I have already been 17 years of this, between successes and falls, on the other hand I am only 32 and I feel that I am still the future of Portuguese music. I continue to experiment, to know myself and to try to wrap my art in a way understandable and fair so that it can be delivered to everyone who allows me to live doing what I love”, says Zé Manel in relation to what he did and what he will do.

As for the new EP ‘Expectativa‘, the artist states that “it is what I think they want from me, it is what I want to convey and perhaps who I would like to be. Expectativa comes from this need to look at me in a contemporary way and able to adjust to a more urban universe. It reflects the strength and the capacity to contest that I look for in an artist. He is fierce, determined and a channeler of strength and self-love”.

From Expectation, the singles Reais and Pressa have already been released. The two are as different as the same. Zé Manel, explains that in Real People the imperative was to demonstrate that “people need to be educated, loved, inspired, empowered and to know that in themselves there are all the tools to survive and face what they do not understand, with love, tolerance, and respect“, while Pressa” was the first experience I had with Beatoven and that made me fall in love with a side of my music that I didn’t know.

Interestingly, perhaps my choices fell on the least expected people in this experience, but also those who most inspired and aroused my curiosity. What I do is not always similar to what I hear, due to fear or pressure resulting from what I have already done and therefore sharing that responsibility and delegating was something liberating and that stimulated me artistically”.

Expectation is above all an authorial record. The discovery of an identity of the artist Zé Manel. Being a record with this characteristic so marked (when most of the pop that we know today is more plasticized) makes sense? The artist tells us that “I dare not say for what there is or not space. It always depends on people. I limit myself to doing what I like, what I believe, in the best way I know and with a quality that suits me. I try to make records that I would buy and that thrill me in some way. Nowadays there is room for everything and nothing simultaneously, so it will be in the hands of the media and listeners to want to return the hug that I try to give them. my music or not”.

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