New Inês Pedrosa’s novel will have the seal of Porto Editora

Porto Editora announced today that it will start publishing the work of Inês Pedrosa, starting next year, with the novel “The Violet Process”, and that “Nas Tuas Mãos” is published on Tuesday in the United States.

“At the beginning of next year, Porto Editora begins the publication of the work of Inês Pedrosa with her new novel, ‘The Violet Process’,” reads the press release that adds the novel “Nas Tuas Mãos”, Premio Máxima of Literature 1997, is published, on Tuesday, in the United States, by Amazon Crossing.

The novel “Nas Tuas Mãos” will be titled in English “In Your Hands” and the translation from Portuguese to English was by Andrea Rosemberg.

“For June, the US edition of ‘Fazes me me Falta’ (2002) is scheduled to be launched,” said the same source, adding that former columnist Expresso and Sol has published books in Brazil, Spain, in Italy, Croatia and Germany.

In 1991, Inês Pedrosa debuted editorially with the children’s book “More Nobody Has”, illustrated by Jorge Colombo, which was followed by the novel “The Instruction of Lovers” (1992).

She has a degree in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, worked in the media and was director of Casa Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon between 2008 and 2014.

In 2007 Inês Pedrosa, she received the Parity Award from the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.

Ninety-five years ago, in Coimbra, Pedrosa published 18 books, including seven novels, such as “Eternidade e o Desire”, which was a finalist for the Portugal Telecom Prize 2009 and the Currents d’Escrituras Prize 2010, and “Os Íntimos” , with which he returned to receive the Maximum Prize of Literature.

She published two photographic novels, “Letter to a Friend”, about photographs of Maria Irene Crespo, and “Do Grande and Little Love”, on photographs and in co-authoring with Jorge Colombo, as well as short story books from José Cardoso Pires’ “and the collection of biographies” 20 Women for the Twentieth Century “, a book of interviews, one of chronicles and another of travel,” In the Heart of Brazil – Six Letters to Fathers António Vieira “, and a second children’s book, “The Girl Who Stole Laughs”, illustrated by the painter Júlio Pomar.

She wrote two plays, “Twelve Women and a Bitch” and “Help, I’m Pregnant!” In co-authoring with Patricia Reis.

“The Violet Process” leaves at the end of the month and Porto Editora tells to edit all the work of the writer.

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