New Lego sets let kids build and code interactive robots

Lego has unveiled a new Mindstorms-themed set called the Robot Inventor 5-in-1.

It’s basically a Lego building system with robotic and coding elements, which Lego says helps develop STEM skills in children of all ages.

The upcoming kit has instructions for five robots called Blast, Charlie, Tricky, Gelo, and MVP. Lego said Blast is a stoic action hero master robot that fires or hammers its way through obstacles and grabs. Charlie is a helper bot that high fives, dances, drums, delivers gifts, and smiles. Tricky is a sporty bot that plays basketball, bowling, soccer, etc. Gelo is a four-legged robot that walks, avoids obstacles, and perform tricks.

You get 949 pieces altogether, including a color sensor, distance sensor, four motors, and Lego’s own Bluetooth-enabled Intelligent Hub.

Lego’s free Mindstorms Robot Inventor app contains building and coding instructions for each of these robots. It supports code using aaa drag-and-drop programming language based on Scratch as well as Python. The app is available for Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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