New menu at Geographia is a gastronomic trip and honors Vasco da Gama’s trip to India

The Geographia Restaurant has created a menu full of dishes that lead to traveling at the table and that are as exotic as ours, coming from the four corners of the world where Portuguese is spoken.

In the new menu, of this restaurant of “food that speaks Portuguese”, a tribute is paid to the trip of Vasco da Gama who discovered the sea route to India. The navigator left Portugal and traveled for several months to reach Goa, stopping in Cape Verde and Mozambique, countries that are now represented in the new flavors that can be found in Geographia.

Thus, the gastronomic journey present in the restaurant is now joined by “Vasco da Gama’s Journey to India”, composed of “Tuna loin colored with onions, corn xerém, spinach bush, mango and lemon find”, which brings together, in all its elements, the soul and essence of each of the countries where the navigator passed on his journey to open new worlds.

To the new Goan, Cape Verdean and Mozambican influences, Angolan, Timorese and Macanese proposals are added such as “Braised fish with calulu sauce, okra, tomato, spinach and palm oil”, “Midar-sin of black pork with sambal luat” and “Coconut and saffron rice and Mancarra broth (peanuts) with chicken from the field”.

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