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New mobile app that connects employees gives one month free trial for Web Summit participants only

Jenz, a mobile social network, has gained a serious reputation among HR professionals for how its technology deals with employee engagement, communication, and feedback. Jenz is a user-friendly and secure communication platform that hit the market in 2020 and gains its first clients.

It fulfills a growing demand in the mid to large-sized enterprises market, where a lack of transparent communication and weak corporate culture is an issue.

“Since 2017, we are studying and analyzing the need for these markets to connect and engage their most valuable asset: THE PEOPLE. Today, many professional tools are complicated to use, have too many features, and don’t focus on people. We wanted to build an app that knows no age, digital literacy, and makes the work environment transparent and friendly”. Says Marko Kucic, Jenz CEO.

People are now making close personal relationships at work, and many companies understand that culture and employee engagement are becoming essential in running a profitable business.

“Jenz is the perfect solution for today’s home-office mode. It has a look and feel of Instagram or Twitter, it’s super easy to use, and the onboarding time is minimal.” Z. Bazianec, Deloitte Country Leader. Feedback and communications tool, which has six basic features: Company News, Employees Tweets, People Directory, Kudos & Recognition, Employee Feedback, Anonymous Surveys.

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