New robot that eliminates Covid-19 from public spaces has arrived in Portugal

Innovative technology to combat Covid19 has arrived in Portugal: ZenZoe is a robot that, through an ultraviolet light (UV-C), cleans the air and eliminates the presence of Covid-19. Germs and pathogens are virtually eliminated, with the reduction capacity reaching 99.99%.

It is the exclusive design of the ultraviolet lamp used and its power, intensity and dimension which, combined with the continuous movement of the robot, allows effective cleaning to be carried out at all critical points and zones, making a disinfection at the horizontal and vertical level .

Developed by ASTI Mobile Robotics – a technology and robotics company based in Spain – and by BOOS Technical Lighting, ZenZoe will be distributed in Portugal by Aura Light, a leader in the indoor and outdoor lighting market.

The cleaning time is record: the robot only needs eight minutes to disinfect an area of ​​25 square meters.

The ultraviolet light used by ZenZoe was tested by researchers at Boston University’s National Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases (NEIDL) who exposed materials infected with SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes Covid-19) concluding that with the dose and application indicated, reduces the virus by 99.99%.

The ZenZoe robot promises to make the spaces safe and free from Covid-19 and, at the same time, respect the environment. Since its action is non-toxic, it does not imply waiting times before the disinfected space can be used again. The technology is indicated to be used in several spaces: from hospitals to factories, shopping centers, offices or other large installations.

With proven success in Spain, in public spaces of great health demand, ZenZoe has already been used in schools, clinics, shopping centers and many others: the Villarreal stadium, the University Hospital of Burgos and the Barajas airport, Madrid, are among some of the spaces that have already used technology.

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