New single and video by Pedro Janela out now

«We Are All Lost» released in digital format in 2019, it was composer Pedro Janela’s first solo album.

The album starts from the premise that “we are all lost” in the sense that we are all looking for something.

They are compositions with the piano as a starting point in a minimalist register with the occasional addition of a small string ensemble and some elements, even if subtle of electronic and concrete music.

The album has a languid, melancholy tone … there is a kind of lament in it without being somber, reminiscent of endless memories and subtle questions that are not answered. Several doubts to be solved. “We Remember Moments” was the first single.

Pedro Janela is a composer who sculpts with notes, rhythms and instrumentation the ambiences he imagines and where he transports us with his Music. Dynamic and versatile, he comes from a classical musical background that led him to study piano at the Conservatory, however he is profoundly knowledgeable and attentive explorer of the resources that day by day new technologies introduce in the musical field.

Pedro Janela is also the mentor of the band The Casino Royal, in addition to integrating other projects, his activity is also divided by the creation of soundtracks for cinema and audiovisuals and by the management and technical coordination of the Mastermix studio where he develops his work.

Of particular note is the remarkable composition of the film “Quinze Pontos na Alma” made by Vicente Alves do Ó, the disturbing soundtrack of the historical fiction mini-series “República” produced to commemorate the centenary of the Portuguese Republic. soundtracks “Jacinta”, “Al Berto”, “Soldado Milhões” among others.

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