New single by Diogo Divagações now available on digital platforms

Diogo Divagações gave in to his words at the age of 14, and from an early age he realized that there was unparalleled security and comfort in that tangle of shapes and in a series of images in lines. He was welcomed by the hip-hop community that existed not only in his secondary school, but in his hometown (Santa Maria da Feira) and from the start he strove not to neglect to excel as an artist while he knew himself as a person.

About the new single, Diogo Divagações says: “Socrático is said of the pedagogical method of questions and answers and that takes the disciple to the knowledge of his own mistake, to then lead him to discover the truth.

The suggestion is explicit. The will is Herculean.

In a prism of new times ahead, the nature of being is urgent.

In a sentient sprout from social unity, as a desire, confession arises: that we are more, to be good.

There is no point in repeating errors of political leadership, personal contact, governmental guidelines. If Yesterday is Today, there will be no Tomorrow ”.

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