New single by Flor-de-Lis available on digital platforms

Pretérito Imperfeito is a reflection on the unforeseen love that emerges in the souls of the fortunate ones who appreciate life in all that it brings benign. The path is imperfect and our current existence is founded on these past imperfections.

We are currently experiencing an imperfect gift and many seek to replicate the perfect past tense of that life before March 2020, but nothing is – and nothing was – perfect: we must appreciate the beauty of imperfection, because without it we cannot look forward to more. For the better. For me and for you, in sharing life.

Flor-de-Lis return to a melodic simplicity reminiscent of ‘Todas as Ruas do Amor’ in the rhythmic arpeggio of an acoustic guitar stripped of ornaments.

The composition resonates Portugal in the radiant timbre of the viola braguesa and in the comforting warmth of the accordion, which lead us through the simple narrative of this inspiring song of the best in us.

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