New single by JP Coimbra now available on digital platforms

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JP Coimbra announced a few days ago that it now has its Publishing in charge of the agency Manners McDade and that the album VIBRA was going to be edited by the label Cognitive Shift Recordings. Today, the single Invincible Summer is released on digital platforms.

​In the words of the composer, “when I was mixing the theme, instead of technical terms to describe what I wanted the music to sound like, I really thought about specific images”. But what images were these? For JP Coimbra, the entire musical environment of the theme should portray “Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos in the late sixties. With the war happening but with that sunset, landscapes, drinks, clouds of cigarette smoke, the dances and falling in love without knowing if there would be a new day.”

We remind you that until now, VIBRA was only available in physical and digital format for Portugal. With this edition of Cognitive Shift Recordings, the whole world will have unconditional access to the music of JP Coimbra, in his solo debut.

Invincible Summer is now available on digital platforms. The video was made by Vasco Mendes with some of the images captured in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Braga.

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