New single by Matay in the telenovela “Bem Me Quer”

Confia” is the name of Matay’s new solo single. Available from today, the theme with lyrics and music by Agir, addresses the complexity of Love which, oscillating between emotionally more favorable and more demanding moments, can lead to hopelessness.

This single is a hymn to life and proves once again that it is impossible to remain indifferent to the voice of Matay, who, with impeccable technique and an interpretation of excellence, joins the warmth of his African roots with other influences such as Soul and Gospel.

After visiting the Festival RTP da Canção 2019, where he performed “Perfeito”, with lyrics by Boss AC and music by Tiago Machado, Matay, who has already collaborated with Dengaz, Gospel Collective, Soul Gospel Project or Boss AC, remains committed to his career solo and repeats the partnership with Agir, who is also the author of the theme “Não Chores Mais”, published in 2017.

Confia” is already part of the soundtrack of the telenovela “Bem Me Quer” from TVI and now enters our lives too.

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