New single by Não Simão tomorrow on digital platforms

Não Simão write songs in Portuguese. Songs that walk between intimacy and optimism. They assert themselves by denying boredom, the prosaic, the predictable, with uncompromisingly serious music, resulting from a heterogeneous quintet that travels between songbook music, alternative rock, or jazz.

Together since 2013, they have already gone through countless national halls and festivals. They are part of the collection Novos Talentos Fnac 2015. In an artistic residency during 2017 at Irreal, in Lisbon, musicians such as Manuel João Vieira, Carlos Barretto, Marta Miranda, Madalena Palmeirim, João Berhan, among others, were invited to collaborate. His songs give great importance to the written and sung word, in Portuguese. The musical wealth ranges from the intimate song to the pop, through rock or the challenge to dance a good-humored ska.

Não Simão
Simão Palmeirim | voice and guitar
Ana Raquel | saxophone
Marco Alves | trombone
Eduardo Jordão | low
José Anjos | drums


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