New single by Pedro e os Lobos now available

Can music heal? This is the question posed by musician and composer Pedro Galhoz of the band Pedro e os Lobos.

Reasons for this same question: the current global situation and the release of a new single called Se o Inverno durar (taken from the album Depois da Tempestade). The single is available today on all digital platforms.

Let us return to the question at the beginning of this text. In the words of Pedro Galhoz “we are not going to be all right, nor are we thinking, many were and will remain along the way, but it is up to me as a composer to believe that there will be an afterwards, that despite everything we will continue to walk and that the music I make it may not heal, but you may find recipients who can be seen in this message and even if it is momentarily the music makes them feel good, or at least alleviate the pain.”

The musician and composer also says that “maybe almost everything has already been said, commented on by experts, journalists, analysts and others… but it is also true that the pandemic and its consequences will leave marks that will last in our memory for a long time.”

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