New single by Wilson Honrado, Eden Lewis and Francisco Cunha now available

A year after the release of “Something About You”, a song that brought together Wilson Honrado, DJ and animator at Rádio Comercial, Francisco Cunha, DJ and producer from Coimbra and Eden Lewis, a great voice from Porto, the remix signed by Rafael arrives Motorbike

Rafael Mota is a Sourense whose musical training began early, with the piano. In addition to his passion for photography, he was a radio animator and gave his deep and unique voice to television programs for 20 years. He currently has a journalistic project and works in videography.

He has a long friendship with Honored Wilson, as they worked on the same radio. Challenged by Wilson, he made the video for the theme “Something About You”.

In 2021 he returned the challenge to his friend, leading him to remix the theme, released today by Farol Música.

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