New single by Zé Manel now available on all platforms

Seventeen years ago a new national artist was born. The person, had already been born of a father and mother like all of us, but still without knowing what the future would hold for him. But, very early on, everything started to become evident: his name Zé Manel!

“If on the one hand I have already been 17 years of this, between successes and falls, on the other hand I am only 32 and I feel that I am still the future of Portuguese music. I continue to experiment, to know myself, and to try to wrap my art in a way understandable and fair so that it can be delivered to everyone who allows me to live doing what I love”, says Zé Manel in relation to what he did and what he will do.

The new single Pressa (second theme to be removed from the EP Expetativa), was curiously, Zé Manel’s first immersion in his new musical universe “this single was the first experience I had with Beatoven and that made me fall in love with one side of my music I didn’t know. I initially asked some producers to reinterpret my themes, which are mostly born of a piano or guitar and voice. Interestingly, maybe my choices fell on the least expected people in this experience, but also those who inspired me the most and aroused curiosity”. Unlike everything he has done until today but with an umbilical connection to that which belongs to the past: his voice.

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