New Single ‘Friend of a Friend’ by Rodrigo Leão is now available

The new single of Rodrigo Leão is “friend of a friend”, with voice and letter of the songwriter Canadian Michelle Gurevich, and anticipates the new album, the strange beauty of life, pre-sale since June 18, and with release foreseen for October. A new album that will also mark Rodrigo Leão’s return to international stages.

Throughout his route, Rodrigo has composed and thought of some of his albums as if they were movies, a story that wants to tell. From there, just like in a movie, it is about doing the right casting of voices for each character that takes a role in this narrative. Complemented with sound and music environments, Rodrigo performs the final assembly that gives each disc a diverse musical scope, dictated by the history of each “film”.

It was this the way followed in albums like Alma Mater, cinema or the mother, in which the guests are the characters that integrate the story. In common, more than a musical style, these discs share the idea of ​​thinking an album as if it were a movie, taking on the movies as a transverse style to all projects.

Friend of a friend brings this idea of ​​the cinematographic environment, with voice casting to fall on Michelle Gurevich. For Rodrigo, it is one of your favorite disk topics:

“It was a theme that started initially from the demand for a happy pace, with some 50’s music influence, and that gave me the enthusiasm I was looking for to find new ideas. Remize us for a very different time from which we currently live.”

This festive single features a 3-handed video clip between Copenhagen and Lisbon, without the artists meet live. Michelle and Rodrigo filmed in each of his cities and took over as the characters. Michelle signs the realization of the video clip.

The single still counts on image and illustration of the well-known writer and illustrator English Afonso Cruz and will be available on the habitual digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer) from June 18.

At the moment the new album with a global edition by BMG in October is already in October, continuing the partnership initiated with the publisher on the album O Método.

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