New “Svoboda 1945” prepares for launch in August

Charles Games Studios, responsible for Attentat 1942, a historic game about events that took place in Czechoslovakia during World War II, are finalizing the release of their next game: Svoboda 1945.

Svoboda 1945 is a game that will take players to a small village on the border between Germany and former Czechoslovakia. Given its proximity to Germany, the village witnessed many tense moments during the Nazi occupation and through the game, we are invited to discover a little more about many of the secrets that still remain to be discovered there.

Through a mechanic that mixes animation sequences, with real interviews, archive footage and exciting mini games, the game enters the darkest memories of that time and reveals stories to tell, which even affect the player’s own character.

Svoboda 1945 was created with the support of several Czechoslovak historians who provided the development team of Charles Games studios with a large amount of information and data about the story that the game tells.

In addition to focusing on the marks left by the Nazi occupation in Czechoslovakia, the game also tells how the communist party rose to power in that former eastern European country after the German withdrawal, and how the new government carried out the forced collectivization of farms and agricultural land in the country.

Initially slated for 2020, Svoboda 1945 will be released now in August, for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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