New theme by John Black Wolf & The Bandits now available

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The two singles ‘The World Parade’ and ‘Masters of Time’ by John Black Wolf arrived this year to the digital platforms through the music lighthouse. Themes included in the album ‘Until The Dark Isone’.

With a sound inside the rock, American, Blues and Country, not very customary in the national market, the disc ‘Until The Dark Is Gone’ by John Black Wolf & The Bandits becomes for this very unique.

In this album we are discovering layers of an imaginary of the Tarantino, a fantasy film, a piece of a classic musical, letters that lead us to places, the sensations and stories of our imaginary, farewell and union. Not leaving aside social and political criticism.

With addictive refrões, care arrangements on a new and timeless disc that does not describe the rock cradle ‘N’roll or the discovery of new musical languages.

From the album still part the powerful version of the “Brothers in Arms’ theme of the Dire Straits.

John Black Wolf & The Bandits will be returning to the stages to submit ‘Until The Dark Is Gone’ on the Hard Club (Porto) to 18 September.

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