New $tory Teller theme now available on digital platforms

“R.S.C “Roi Sans Couronne” or “King Without a Crown” is the new theme of $tory Teller. A tribute to the Moroccan rapper, Nessbeal, sung this time in French and produced by Savy Bastards.

It’s a return to rap, which is the artist’s first passion, in a current sound, Drill but with elements of classic Hip-Hop such as scratch.

In “R.S.C.”, $tory Teller talks about his journey and the difficulties in the artistic environment, the betrayals between “friends”. It also shares a positive message of never giving up and despite falling, the most important thing is getting up and moving forward.

The music video was filmed by Real’Ish, who also filmed the videos “Amor Proibido” and “Vai”. Singles also available on digital platforms.

“R.S.C. is a term used in the French rap scene when talking about an artist who is critically successful but does not translate into commercial success. The term is often associated with the rapper of Moroccan origin, Nessbeal, who is still considered one of the best lyricists in French rap, and his biggest single is called “Roi Sans Couronne”. – explains $tory Teller.

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