New Xiaomi Airmate Air Circulation Fan can be controlled by your smartphone

The Airmate Air Circulation Fan is a fan sold under Xiaomi’s authority, being compatible with the Mi Home app for remote control.

This product promises to create an advanced air circulation in the house, thanks essentially to its three-dimensional oscillating head.

The fan is usually a product associated with heat. Even without refreshing the house, it creates an air circulation that turns out to be pleasant. At night, for example, if it is placed in front of a window, it brings fresh air from the street into the house more quickly.

There are quite simple products with two or three speeds, which simply rotate a propeller, often with associated noise. But there are other suggestions that go much further, with the “smart” component already associated.

The Xiaomi Airmate Air Circulation Fan is one such case. The main feature, then, is the fact that it is connected to the Wi-Fi network at home, which can be controlled remotely using the smartphone, using the popular Mi Home app. The app is available for Android and iOS.

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