New York Times describes Portuguese pavement as a “tapestry”

The American publication describes how the colonial and historical past of Portugal influenced a unique Portuguese style, characterized by delicate filigree, coloured tiles, intricate work of beaten iron and black and white stones with patterns that decorate the sidewalks and main squares

In Lisbon, a stone carpet under your feet” describes the New York Times in an article that honours and exults the Portuguese sidewalk, focusing on its history, its artistic value and, particularly, focusing on the knickknacks old and new like the sidewalk designed by Vhils for Alfama dedicated to Amália.

They are a carpet on which people often do not notice,” said Luísa Dornellas, director of the training department of the Lisbon municipality that is part of the School of Calceteiros.

The newspaper also highlights the evolution of the sidewalk through Lisbon to other parts of the world, to “Rio, Angola, Macau, Mozambique“.

The article published last Saturday, March 30, also highlights a Portuguese-American curiosity: “In the USA there are some examples (Portuguese sidewalk), the most notable being perhaps the memorial to John Lennon in Central Park Nova York “.

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