New York Times returns to remember Azores as place to visit in 2019

The Caribbean in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,” remarked the newspaper.

There are 52 weeks in a year, and each year the New York Times compiles a list of 52 suggestions for places to visit.

This year is no exception and one of the highlights to take into account in 2019 is nothing more, nothing less, the archipelago of the Azores, the 9th choice of the New York newspaper as a suggestion of a ofplace to visit this year.

The natural beauty, the gastronomy, the landscape sculpted by these volcanic islands and even the coffee are praised by the newspaper. There are also suggestionfornew restaurants and hotels as well as sustainable housing projects like Lava Homes.

This Friday, on Facebook, the New York newspaper shared this Portuguese wonder, in the ‘heart’ of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many sharing that has multiplied as well as praise in the comments. “The secret has been revealed,” reads one of these comments.

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