Next edition of ModaLisboa will be back in Campo de Santa Clara area

The 53rd edition, which ends today, ModaLisboa opened to the public the building of the Old General Workshop of Uniforms and Equipment, in the area of ​​Campo de Santa Clara, a work that involved the Army, which has been a notorious presence in space by them. days

Since the first edition, ModaLisboa has been installed in various areas of the city and, in the case of those who have “people who inhabit them”, the association likes them to “be happy to receive” the initiative and “to be active participants in it”. ”

The United Fashion project is a program supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe program, which is partnered by ModaLisboa, Baltic Fashion Federation (Latvia), Fashion Council Germany (Germany), Fashion Week Skopje (Macedonia), Flanders DC (Belgium). ), MAD Brussels (Belgium), Mode Lille-Roubaix Maisons (France) and Not Just A Label (United Kingdom).

This project, which gives some of the designers on the ModaLisboa calendar the opportunity to showcase their work in seven different countries, “aims to promote the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship of European fashion designers, as well as the increasing your business opportunities. ”

Today, on the fourth and last day of the 53rd edition of ModaLisboa, in which the collections for spring / summer of next year are presented, the proposals of Carolina Machado, Constança Entrudo, Duarte, Gonçalo Peixoto, Kolovrat , Carlos Gil and Dino Alves.

In the 54th edition, in March, the collections for the winter 2020/2021 will be presented.

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