Nina Toc Toc debuts new video, “Roda dos Alimentos”

The song is part of Nina Toc Toc’s debut album, now available in all stores and digital platforms

The Food Wheel video talks about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, which gives us more energy to play, and how, with the help of the “Food Wheel”, we can discover the diversity of flavors and colors of food. “With the food wheel, it’s easy to eat well”, sings Nina Toc Toc.

This is the fifth video taken from Nina Toc Toc’s first album, following very fun and cherished songs such as Jogo das Mãos, Ilha dos Sonhos, Boa Noite da Nina Toc Toc, and Nina Toc Toc. In all, Nina Toc Toc’s videos already have more than 2 million views on YouTube.

Nina Toc Toc is an adventurous and fearless girl who, in a fun and playful way, has been sharing her healthy lifestyle and her love for animals and nature with all the children. Nina Toc Toc’s mission is to influence all children to enjoy what nature has to offer, gaining energy to play through good nutrition and sport.

After Xana Toc Toc left a huge legacy in the children’s universe (on display on Canal Panda since the beginning of the project, with 12 platinum certifications, more than 500 million views on YouTube, and more than 15,000 books sold), nobody better than Xana Toc Toc his daughter Marta Peneda to continue this wonderful project, spreading magic and fun throughout Portugal and the whole world!

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