Nina Toc Toc releases new video “Boa Noite”

New video follows the much-loved themes Ilha dos Sonhos and Nina Toc Toc

After performing live earlier this month with a very lively concert at the Capitólio, in Lisbon, Nina Toc Toc is back and with new surprises! Now, Nina Toc Toc has a new video to show the younger ones, “Boa Noite” (Good Night), which premieres on Canal Panda.

Boa Noite” is already the third video by Nina Toc Toc, after the much-loved songs “Ilha dos Sonhos” and “Nina Toc Toc”.

Nina Toc Toc is an adventurous and fearless girl, who, in a fun and playful way, comes to share with all children her healthy lifestyle and her love for animals and nature. Nina Toc Toc’s mission is to influence all children to enjoy what nature offers, gaining energy to play through good nutrition and sport. Curious, friendly, and a bit clumsy, Nina Toc Toc is everyone’s friend and will spread a lot of magic, joy, and a healthy lifestyle!

After Xana Toc Toc left a huge legacy in the children’s universe (on display on Canal Panda since the beginning of the project, with 12 platinum, more than 500 million views on YouTube, and more than 15 thousand books sold), no one better than his daughter Marta Peneda to continue this wonderful project, spreading magic and fun throughout Portugal and around the world.

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